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Christmas Gift Ideas

Today marks exactly two weeks until Christmas Day! This season is so much fun, but it can also be stressful to finish your shopping and the deadline is fast approaching. Below we have some of our favorite Swain's Electric items that make perfect gifts.


Cottonwood Shanty Scroll

Cottonwood Shanty scrolls come in full and mini size. The length is adjustable on all scrolls. Full scroll width is 36" and mini scroll width is 18".


Beddy's Zippered Bedding

Beddy's Zippered Bedding is a Utah-based company that wanted beds to be beautiful AND easy to make in the mornings. We have a variety of styles and sizes available in the store, come in to see what we have that would fit your needs.


Metal Signs

We have many metal signs (and some wood signs, too!) that vary in size from very small to REALLY BIG.


Vintage Treasures

We have vintage items from all over the world! Size, color, and style varies.




We have gift cards available in any amount $25 and higher. We can even send you an online invoice and then mail your gift card to you once it's been paid if you don't have time to come into the store!

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