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Weekly Favorites

These are a few of our favorite things for your home this week!

Vintage German Sled, $98

Vintage German Sleds

These wooden sleds are imported from Germany and each is unique. They are the perfect place to hang a wreath or some ice skates for a Christmas or Winter display!

Vintage European Garden Sink, $138

Vintage European Garden Sink

These vintage gardens sinks look beautiful filled with flowers, so why not keep them inside during the winter months and fill them to the brim with vibrant poinsettias? Then, when spring comes, attach them to a wall or column outside and plant fresh flowers for the summer.

Vintage Sap Bucket, $16

Sap Buckets

I know they may look like a summer dream filled with tulips, but these are the perfect container to hold your evergreen sprigs for the winter as well! Fill them with pine branches, mistletoe stems, or icy sprigs covered in winter berries and they're sure to be a beautiful addition to any room or porch.

Pie Rack, $50 & Pie Pans, $10.99 each

Pie Rack and Scalloped Pie Pans

Frosty weather and cozy homes call for cozy comfort foods. Make your pies really stand out by baking them in these adorable dishes and letting them cool on this six-pie galvanized pie rack.

Canning Jar Flower Arranger, $52

Canning Jar Flower Arranger

Available in Winter White or Natural Rust (shown,) this flower arranger is the perfect way to display your holly and evergreen cuts during the winter and your fresh wildflowers in the spring and summer. Anything that looks this good all year is a win in our book!

Sweet Pea Carafe Arrangement, $56.99

Sweet Pea Carafe Arrangement

The colors of this gorgeous farmhouse flower arrangement work both in winter and during the warmer months. A beautiful classic for any home.

Pillowcase, $8.99

Cozy & Cute Pillowcases

We always carry a variety of pillowcases for 16"x 16" pillows, but I am especially in love with this adorable Owl design this winter season. Who could resist those big eyes?

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